The Rogue



In 1983, a wild bottlenose dolphin named Fungie settled down in the bay of Dingle, a town at the Atlantic in Ireland’s southwest.
Over the years, Fungie has built up a special bond with a number of residents of Dingle. Also large groups of tourists have been visiting Dingle to catch a glimpse of this phenomenon. While the tourists come for the excitement and opportunity to take a quick photo, Fungie gives hope, faith and stability to those who live besides him. As Fungie is getting older, gradually the question arises how it will be without him…

Director: Arjen Sinninghe Damsté
Cinematography: Douwe Hennink`
Sound recording: Douwe Hennink, Arjen Sinninghe Damsté
Sound Design: Ruben Dekker
Editor: Arjen Sinninghe Damsté
Music Composer: Nelson Ogliastri

Dingle International Filmfestival 2018
Belfast International Filmfestival 2018